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December 22, 2009

I gave into peer pressure

See you soon!



December 21, 2009

Stella McCartney Cage-effect satin sandals


I <3 you Stella McCartney (and Paul McCartney, just to throw that in)




December 7, 2009
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I love Lanvin.  Lanvin is definitely not vegan.  Therefore I want this.

Lanvin Birthday canvas tote

$800.00 US

Sigh, that’ll never happen.



Continuing in the Superficial Vein

December 7, 2009

Things that I would like to purchase/win in a giveaway/be given by anyone/steal/generally own and will one day:

(a.k.a. the investment list, mostly)

First (and most attainable):

Hunter Original Lace  Boots in Black, UK Size 3

Approximately $130.00 US, and totally what I’m getting for Christmas

(Here’s the thing, I don’t like boots.  I don’t like getting my pants wet.  I want wellies.  Hunters are the best wellies in the world and these are hot.  Done.)

Second (a ways away):

Burberry Double-Breasted Trench Coat in Stone

$975.00 US

(It’s a classic)

Third (REAL college):

Apple MacBook- 13-inch

$999.00 US

(Yes, I know it’s basically the same price as the coat above …shut up)

Fourth (keeping with the same theme):

Apple iTouch whatever comes free with the MacBook


Fifth (back to the fun stuff):

Marc by Marc Jacobs Quilted Waterproof Parka

$400.00 US

(IwantIwantIwantIwant, as a vegan it’s so hard to find outerwear and I WANT)

Sixth (one day, one day!):

Hérve Léger Scoop back bandage dress

$1,350.00 US

(I love that all of Hérve Léger’s famous bandage dresses are vegan and I really like the contrast between the modest cut of the dress and the skin-tight fabric on this one.  Chic, sexy AND mysterious.)

These are just some of the things I REALLY intend to buy one day (well, maybe except for the Marc Jacobs parka, by the time I can get my hands on that it’ll be too late)- you know, the investment pieces. They are also, of course, all 100% vegan.

My next ACTUAL purchase  will most likely be:

The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

$19.95 US

(HOLY-! Did you-?  How did I not know that this existed?  It’s like SCRIPTURE.  I recently bought a coffee-table type book on Audrey Hepburn and sort of don’t want it anymore.  It’s just photographs- if it was Grace Kelly I would keep it, but this book written by Mr. Dior is much more valuable.  Exchange here I come!)

The soundtrack of my life right now: “Please, Please, Please, Let me Get What I Want” by The Smiths

Yes, it really is that sad.

Also, I’ve fallen in love with Mr. Hudson.




December 2, 2009
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All you need is some tough lovin’

Something my mother is an expert at…I’ve learned to ignore her when she tells me that I live in an imaginary world by making the crazy motion around her head, and instead listen to the good parts.

She’s picked up, at least, that I’m self-destructive.  I don’t know why.


Something Gorgeous

November 29, 2009

Here it is:

Devendra, his band and Cibelle in the background



On a boat

On the Thames river

…Oh how I wish I was there.

Lovely :)

xo Chathurika

(p.s. I’m listening to Christmas songs on KOST 103.5 and have a ridiculous urge to name all of the artists -PAULMCARTNEYGEORGEMICHAELJOSHGROBAN- WOO!)

(p.s.s.  If I hear Celine Dion’s watered down “version” of  “Happy Christmas” I’m going to kill myself; give me Lennon dammit!”)

(p.s.s.s. Ok maybe not kill myself, but turn the radio off, but it’s Sinatra right now so I’m content)

Not So Gorgeous

November 23, 2009

But let’s just set up the mood:  Today I had a dream that I was driving in the dark and saw a kitten that had been run over.  Seeing it move just a little, I jumped out of my car and touched it, only to realize that it had lost almost half its body and would not make it.  So I cried about not knowing how to help it and held it until the poor thing died, at night, on some random street.

Yeah, that’s basically how I feel.  I don’t even want to go into the Freudian aspects of it.

(Although, I totally would have done that in real life)

You know that scene in the previously  reviewed (500) Days of Summer where we see what Tom expects to happen on a split screen with reality?  If I could illustrate my point in that way, I would.  But, alas, WordPress doesn’t have columns.

Things My Mother Has Told Me So Far Today (aka things I generally hear on a day-to-day basis):

1.  You’re my bad karma

2.  You are ruining your life

3.  You’re a joke

4.  You’re really stupid

5.  You’re all talk

6.  You act like a bigshot

7.  I’m tired of you

8.  We should have sent you away

9.  Don’t ask me for anything

10.  Don’t talk to me

11.  Nobody is going to take you seriously

12.  You’re bringing the whole family down with you

13.  You are the reason why I’m going to die early

Things I Needed To Hear From My Mom:

1.  Are you okay?

2.  What’s wrong?

3.  Do you need help?

4.  You can do it!

5.  Don’t underestimate yourself!

6.  Do you need a hug?

7.  I love you.

My dad chose the same method today too, actually.  And you wonder why I have so little self-confidence.  I’ve tried not to internalize these sort of things for a long time, but she’s my mom.  She’s not some mean, snobby girl from school.  To be perfectly honest, I’ve never met one of those.  No one, in my entire life, has treated me meaner than my mom has.

Lovely thought.